I started playing padel 10 years ago at the Real Padel club on the French Riviera, which was the first club with 4 courts in France at that time! At that time, there were hardly any players, let alone coaches… It was nearly impossible to access quality padel coaching without going to Spain. Thanks to my relatively good tennis level (former 2/6), I was able to improve on my own, but it was very long and laborious. It took me months, sometimes years, to understand things that I could have grasped in a few lessons with a competent coach. Not to mention the bad habits I developed, which I struggled to overcome later…

This is one of the reasons that led me to create Twenty by Ten three years ago. Providing access to quality coaching to help players of all levels progress in just a few days, not only in Spain, but also with the goal of making this expertise accessible throughout France.

I have also always enjoyed traveling, so it was the perfect opportunity to create experiences that combine the sports goal with the pleasure of discovering new places, new cultures, and, above all, sharing moments of camaraderie among enthusiasts.

So, if you’re also completely padel addicts, join the Twenty by Ten community!

Michael Kuzaj, CEO Twenty by Ten

Our team of enthusiasts

Today, Twenty by Ten is an event management company specializing in padel, organizing hundreds of events for individuals and companies across Europe. And about the name… You might have guessed it: 20x10m is simply the dimensions of a padel court!

Discover our team of 6 enthusiasts driven by a common goal: to provide you with an experience you won’t soon forget!


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